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Meier Michael A R Green Polymerization - rutulets.ru

Meier Michael A.R. Green Polymerization Methods. Renewable Starting Materials, Catalysis and Waste Reduction

Designing polymers and developing polymerization processes that are safe, prevent pollution, and are more efficient in the use of materials and engergy is an important topic in modern chemistry. Today, green polymer research can be seen increasingly in academia nd industry. It tackles all aspects of polymers and polymerization – everything from chemical feedstocks, synthetic pathways, and reaction media to the nature of the final polymer as related to its inherent nontoxicity or degradability. This book summarizes and evaluates the latest developments in green polymerization methods. Specifically, new catalytic methods and processes which incorporate renewable resources will be discussed by leading experts in the field of polymer chemistry. This book is a must-have for Polymer Chemists, Chemists Working with/on Organometallics, Biochemists, Physical Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Biotechnologists, Materials Scientists, and Catalytic Chemists.

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Theato Patrick Functional Polymers by Post-Polymerization Modification. Concepts, Guidelines and Applications

n modern polymer science a variety of polymerization methods for the direct synthesis of polymers bearing functional groups are known. However, there is still a large number of functional groups that may either completely prevent polymerization or lead to side reactions. Post-polymerization modification, also known as polymer-analogous modification, is an alternative approach to overcome these limitations. It is based on the polymerization of monomers with functional groups that are inert towards the polymerization conditions but allow a quantitative conversion in a subsequent reaction step yielding a broad range of other functional groups. Thus, diverse libraries of functional polymers with identical average degrees of polymerization but variable side chain functionality may easily be generated. Filling the gap for a book dealing with synthetic strategies and recent developments, this volume provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the field of post-polymerization modification. As such, the international team of expert authors covers a wide range of topics, including new synthetic techniques utilizing different reactive groups for post-polymerization modifications with examples ranging from modification of biomimetic and biological polymers to modification of surfaces. With its guidelines this is an indispensable and interdisciplinary reference for scientists working in both academic and industrial polymer research.

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Mathers Robert T. Handbook of Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysts

A one-stop resource for understanding and applying polymerization catalysts An edited volume featuring contributions from leading researchers, the Handbook of Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysts covers the design and synthesis of catalysts, and their applications in synthesis of polymers. Dealing with those polymerization catalysts that afford commercially acceptable yields of polymer with respect to catalyst mass and promising newer catalysts, this practical reference provides polymer and organic chemists with a comprehensive overview of the known methods for developing and applying these important catalysts. With both recent advances and historically important catalysts, the subjects covered in this text include: Metal alkyls and other compounds that function as co-catalysts with a large number of catalysts The varieties of porous silica either necessary or valuable in certain catalyst formulations Catalyst scale-up and commercialization Copper catalysts for olefin polymerization Morphology control Along with the above topics, the Handbook of Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysts provides tables of valuable data to assist in reproducing a synthesis or applying the knowledge to a new problem. Polymerization reactivities, polymer properties, monomer and solvent purity requirements, molecular weights, distribution, and reactivity ratios are also covered. The Handbook of Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysts offers an excellent one-stop resource for understanding and applying polymerization catalysts.

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Michael Green ¿Cómo llegar a ellos?

David Green R. A Generous Life - 10 Steps to Living a Life Money Can't Buy (Unabridged)

Vikas Mittal Miniemulsion Polymerization Technology

Explains miniemulsion technology and techniques and why they have many distinct advantages over the conventional emulsion polymerization technology Miniemulsion Polymerization Technology comprises 10 papers by many of the world's experts on the subject. It summarizes the recent advances in miniemulsion polymerization technology including the advances on the selection of surfactants and co-surfactants, the expansion of miniemulsion technology in various polymers and co-polymer systems, and the use of miniemulsion polymerization for the synthesis of advanced polymer particle morphologies. There have been a large number of texts on emulsion and other forms of polymerization methods, but miniemulsion polymerization, though it provides unique routes for polymer particle synthesis, has been neglected. This edited volume: Details the use of miniemulsion polymerization in encapsulation, core shell functional particles, nitroxide mediated polymerization, atom transfer radical polymerization or radical addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization, to generate advanced polymer nanoparticles or organic-inorganic composite particles Examines the wide spectrum of commercial possibilities of miniemulsion polymerization Provides both introductory material as well as deep insights into the synthesis of polymer particles

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Matyjaszewski Krzysztof Controlled and Living Polymerizations. From Mechanisms to Applications

Written by a highly prestigious and knowledgeable team of top scientists in the field, this book provides an overview of the current status of controlled/living polymerization, combining the synthetic, mechanistic and application-oriented aspects. From the contents: * Anionic Vinyl Polymerization * Carbocationic Polymerization * Radical Polymerization * Coordinative Polymerization of Olefins * Ring-Opening Polymerization of Heterocycles * Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization * Macromolecular Architectures * Complex Functional Macromolecules * Synthesis of Block and Graft Copolymers * Bulk and Solution Structures of Block Copolymers * Industrial Applications While some of the material is based on chapters taken from the four-volume work «Macromolecular Engineering», it is completely updated and rewritten to reflect the focus of this monograph. Must-have knowledge for polymer and organic chemists, plastics technologists, materials scientists and chemical engineers.

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Michael R. Beschloss Conquerors

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