Henry Lawson While the Billy Boils

Henry Lawson Children of the Bush

Roger Higgins Billy Gogan Gone fer Soldier

The second book in the Billy Gogan Series by Roger Higgins is a powerful and thrilling historical novel about friendship, cruelty, and the search for love during the most brutal battles of the Mexican American War. The adventures continue for Billy Gogan, an intrepid Irish-American immigrant. Young Billy enlists in the U.S. Army on the eve of the war. Amidst the bloodshed he encounters the Texas Rangers, Ulysses S. Grant and friends who fight alongside him. Billy navigates a dangerous path through gambling dens, wealthy estates, mysterious women, and sweltering heat. While challenged to follow meaningless orders, he struggles to escape a threat more imminent than war. Roger Higgins, author of Billy Gogan, American , presents the second historical fiction novel in the award-winning Billy Gogan series. Roger’s debut novel has been honored by the Hollywood Book Fest, (Honorable Mention, 2018), the International Book Awards (Finalist, 2017), the New York Book Festival (Honorable Mention, 2018), Reader’s Favorite (Finalist, 2018), Best Book Awards (Finalist, 2018), and the Independent Author Network (Finalist, 2018).

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Billy Ocean Billy Ocean - The Very Best Of Billy Ocean

O. Henry The Four Million

O. Henry is the pen name of American writer William Sydney Porter. He wrote 381 short stories while living there. He wrote a story a week for over a year for the New York World Sunday Magazine. The Four Million is the second collection of short stories by O. Henry that was published in 1906. The title refers to the population of New York City at that time and is where all the stories are based.

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Amy Shields National Geographic Kids Chapters: Best Friends Forever: And More True Stories of Animal Friendships

This is the first in a line of four books within the National Geographic Kids Chapters series that explore unexpected animal bonds. In this book you'll meet four unlikely pairings, including Billy and Lilly. Billy the boxer adopted Lilly the goat when she was abandoned by her mother.Billy and Lilly are rarely apart since Billy has taken on the role of Lilly's protector, caretaker, and constant companion. This and the other stories in this book will enchant readers and empower them to devour the more text-heavy «grown up» style of the book, while still keeping the story easily digestable for a hestitant reader.National Geographic supports K-12 educators with ELA Common Core Resources.Visit for more information.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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Herman Melville Billy Budd and Other Stories

Known best for his avant-garde and modernistic style, Herman Melville's stories come together in the compilation «Billy Budd and Other Stories.» In «Billy Budd, Foretopman,» Melville returns to the sea life and describes the tale of a well-liked sailor who is wrongly convicted of trying to enact mutiny against the ship's master at arms. Billy Budd accidentally kills his superior during a fight, and he is sentenced to death and hung in front of the whole crew. It is a story about good and evil, with Billy Budd representing the right, while his antagonist is frequently described as a snake, like the serpent in the Bible. The story is also about justice and how justice isn't always served in certain cases. In his other works, Melville leads his audience on journeys to uncover the identity of America; many of America's citizens were suffering an identity crisis due to the shifting social and political climate of the 1800's, and Melville personified these feelings in his shorter works. Melville had a difficult time finding an audience during his life, though, so many of his works went unnoticed and undiscovered until the 20th century during a «Melville Revival.» It is because of this revival that works like «The Piazza» and «The Bell Tower» have found their place in the great canon of American literature.

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Elizabeth Oldfield Dark Victory

Dangerous LiaisonsFlirting with danger Cheska Rider thought that she'd fully recovered from her one-night stand with Lawson. She was wrong! Lawson Giordano liked a woman who had her own thoughts, her own identity and ultimately the ability to make him jealous. In short, he liked the woman that Cheska had become.Cheska had decided that the time was right to pay Lawson back for walking out on her. It would be interesting to see just how much provocation Lawson would take!"Elizabeth Oldfield's portrayal… is a real treat." – Romantic Times

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Nancy Carson The Factory Girl

Henzey Kite can’t believe it when Billy Watts walks into her life. A cut above the local boys – strong, charming and wildly ambitious – he won’t settle for anything less than the wealth of high society.But with wealth comes sacrifice. All Henzey wishes for is a home and a family, while Billy has his sights set at the top.When the Great Depression destroys the Black Country, their love crumbles with it. The dark core of Billy’s obsession for success is revealed, while poor Henzey’s young heart is shattered.How will she overcome such heartache…and who will help her?

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Speedy Publishing Billy and the Bully

Billy is being bullied everytime he goes to school and along his way home. One day he went to his grandpa to ask advice. Would Billy get his courage and face the bully?

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Henry Lawson – Wikipedia

While the Billy Boils, 1896, (Sammlung von Erzählungen, u. a. mit The Drover's Wife) Werkausgaben. Henry Lawson: Der Mann, der vergaß ... und andere Storys. Balladine Publishing, Hamburg 2016, ISBN 978-3-945035-39-9. Ehrungen. Briefmarke (1949) Am 17. Juni 1949 gab die australische Post eine Briefmarke zu Ehren von Henry Lawson zu 2½ d heraus. Literatur. Manning Clark: Henry Lawson. The man ...

Henry Lawson - Wikipedia

Henry Archibald Hertzberg Lawson (17 June 1867 – 2 September 1922) was an Australian writer and bush poet.Along with his contemporary Banjo Paterson, Lawson is among the best-known Australian poets and fiction writers of the colonial period and is often called Australia's "greatest short story writer".. A vocal nationalist and republican, Lawson regularly contributed to The Bulletin, and ...

While the Billy Boils (short story collection) - Wikipedia

While the Billy Boils is a collection of short stories by the Australian writer Henry Lawson, published by Angus and Robertson in 1896. It includes " The Drover's Wife ", " On the Edge of a Plain ", and " The Union Buries Its Dead ". The collection consists of 52 short stories from a variety of sources. Some are published here for the first time.

While the Billy Boils [by Henry Lawson, 1896]

Henry Lawson, While the Billy Boils, Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1896. Editor’s notes: In some later editions, the story “The Drover’s Wife” was placed after “Across the Straits” (e.g. in the 1913 edition published by Angus and Robertson). Filed Under: books and booklets · Tagged: @ graphics to be added, book, Henry Lawson (author), SourceIACLibrary, While the Billy Boils (Henry ...

Henry Lawson | Australian writer | Britannica

Henry Lawson, Australian writer of short stories and balladlike verse noted for his realistic portrayals of bush life. He was the son of a former Norwegian sailor and an active feminist. Hampered by deafness from the time he was nine and by the poverty and unhappiness in his family, he left school

Henry Lawson Biography - Childhood, Life Achievements ...

Henry Lawson was a famous Australian writer who is known for his short story, 'The Drover's Wife', and the poem, 'Past Carin'. His sketch story, 'On the Edge of a Plain', also became an exemplary piece of work in the same genre. As a child, he saw strife at home, between his parents, and turned into a shy person.

Henry Lawson: poet of the people | State Library of NSW

Henry Lawson (1867–1922) was born in a tent in Grenfell, on the New South Wales goldfields, and had a tough childhood, moving around with his family while his father pursued gold, and helping his mother run the family selection in his father’s absence.

Biography - Henry Lawson - Australian Dictionary of Biography

Henry Lawson (1867-1922), short story writer and balladist, was born on 17 June 1867 at Grenfell, New South Wales, eldest of four surviving children of Niels Hertzberg (Peter) Larsen, Norwegian-born miner, and his wife Louisa, née Albury.Larsen went to sea at 21 and, after many voyages, arrived in Melbourne in 1855 where he jumped ship and joined the gold rush.

While the Billy Boils - Reading Australia

Henry Lawson was born at Grenfell, New South Wales, in 1867. He was educated briefly at several schools, but was sometimes kept home by his father to help with his carpentry. At the age of nine Lawson experienced problems with his ears and suffered partial deafness for the rest of his life.

While the Billy Boils - Wikisource, the free online library

While the Billy Boils. BY. HENRY LAWSON. Author of When the World Was Wide, and Other Verses; Joe Wilson and His Mates; On the Track and Over the Sliprails; Verses, Popular and Humorous; When I Was King, and Other Verses; Children of the Bush; etc. LONDON. ANGUS AND ROBERTSON Ltd. 1913 Printed by Marchant & Co., Ltd., Sydney for Angus & Robertson Limited. London: The Oxford University Press ...

While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson - Goodreads

Lawson's writing is beautiful, subtle, and incredibly evocative of time and place. While the Billy Boils is full of wonderful stories and sketches, but for me it doesn’t quite work as a collection. There is a sketch describing a train trip across the Australian outback, the monotony of the long miles and faceless towns only somewhat relieved chance meetings with colorful strangers.

Henry Lawson - Henry Lawson Poems | Best Poems

He is one of the most popular australian poets and writers of the colonial period and is often called Australia's greatest short story writer. He was the son of the poet, publisher and feminist Louisa Lawson. Lawson's most successful prose collection is While the Billy Boils, published in 1896. Browse all poems and texts published on Henry Lawson

From the Archives, 1979: Living the life of Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson, poet, writer, republican, cynic, dreamer, drunkard, a "lovable, exasperating pixie," as Mr Teale calls him, has been brought to life to give a comic, yet pathetic, rendition of his life through his works. Leonard Teale's one-man show, While the Billy Boils, has toured most of Australia.

While The Billy Boils, by Henry Lawson,

Title: While the Billy Boils Author: Henry Lawson Release Date: December, 2004 [EBook #7144] Last Updated: March 9, 2018 Language: English Character set encoding: UTF-8 *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK WHILE THE BILLY BOILS *** Produced by Geoffrey Cowling WHILE THE BILLY BOILS By Henry Lawson [Transcriber's note: In 'A Day on a Selection' a speech is attributed to “Tom”—in ...

Do we still have time for Henry Lawson? -

Henry Lawson relied on friends and a Commonwealth grant to sustain him towards the end of his life. Credit: National Portrait Gallery In the six years to 1920, Australia (population 5 million ...

Short Stories: The Drover's Wife by Henry Lawson

Other short stories by Henry Lawson also available along with many others by classic and contemporary authors. short stories interactive word games. Henry Lawson . The Drover's Wife. The two-roomed house is built of round timber, slabs, and stringy-bark, and floored with split slabs. A big bark kitchen standing at one end is larger than the house itself, veranda included. Bush all around ...

15 Inspiring Quotes By Henry Lawson On Dreams, Hopes, Life ...

Henry Lawson was an eminent Australian bush poet and writer. He is considered as one of the most illustrious fiction writers and Australian poets of the colonial period, along with his contemporary Banjo Paterson. Henry Lawson is often cited to be the country’s ‘greatest short story writer.’ Some of his best-known works include, ‘While the Billy Boils,’ ‘Joe Wilson and His Mates ...

Henry Lawson Biography | List of Works, Study Guides ...

Henry Lawson was one of Australia’s most famous and beloved writers, distinguished in both poetry and short stories. He is part of the “Bush Ballad” school of poetry, and more generally the realist tradition of writing. He was born on June 17, 1867 in Grenfell, New South Wales.

Henry Lawson (Author of The Penguin Henry Lawson)

Henry Lawson was an Australian writer and poet. Along with his contemporary Banjo Paterson, Lawson is among the best-known Australian poets and fiction writers of the colonial period and is often called Australia's "greatest writer".[1] He was the son of the poet, publisher and feminist Louisa Lawson.

Henry Lawson | Open Library

Author of While the Billy Boils, Joe Wilson and His Mates, Children of the Bush, Over the Sliprails, Poems, On the Track, Henry Lawson, In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses

Henry Lawson – Wikipedia

Henry Archibald Hertzberg Lawson (født 17. juni 1867, død 2. september 1922) var en australsk poet og forfatter med norske aner.. Sammen med sin samtidige, Banjo Paterson, er Lawson blant de mest kjente australske poeter og prosaforfattere fra den australske kolonitiden og er ofte blitt kalt for Australias «fremste novelleforfatter». ...

The Journey of Henry Lawson -

Hewett HENRY LAWSON In this two-part article Dorothy Hewett, well-known novelist and poetess, traces Henry Lawson’s life journey from Pipeclay to Elder Man’s Lane. Henry Lawson was born one hundred years ago this month. THE GHOST of Henry Lawson has been exhumed and reburied many times since September 2, 1922, when his State Funeral, complete with the brass band he’d always wanted, wound ...

The short fiction of Henry Lawson - Australia Post

Henry Lawson (1867–1922) was a writer and poet, who was known as the “Poet of the People”. His writing was distinctly Australian, with stories, characters and language that reflected various aspects of Australian life and identity, both pre and post Federation, including republicanism, poverty and his own experiences in the outback.

Henry Lawson - poems - PoemHunter.Com

Henry Lawson was born in a town on the Grenfell goldfields of New South Wales. His father was Niels Herzberg Larsen, a Norwegian-born miner who went to sea at 21, arrived in Melbourne in 1855 to join the gold rush. Lawson's parents met at the goldfields of Pipeclay (now Eurunderee, New South Wales) Niels and Louisa married on 7 July 1866; he was 32 and she, 18. On Henry's birth, the family ...

Biography of a Book: Henry Lawson's While the Billy Boils ...

Biography of a Book traces the life of an iconic Australian literary work in the lead-up to, and for a century after, its initial publication: Henry Lawson's 1896 collection While the Billy Boils. Paul Eggert follows Lawson's gradual development of a pared-back bush realism in the early 1890s, as he struggled to forge a career, writing short stories and sketches for the newspapers.

CLEAR Education | Henry Lawson - Quotes and Analysis

Henry Lawson - Quotes and Analysis. December 8, 2017. Welcome back! Throughout this blog post, we will focus on the work of Henry Lawson and his use of the distinctively visual to provide readers with an understanding of his perception on the harsh, inhospitable nature of the Australian outback and the effects this has on individual dwellers. Remember, when writing about the distinctively ...

While the Billy Boils eBook: Henry Lawson: ...

While the Billy Boils eBook: Henry Lawson: Kindle Store. Skip to main Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Try. Prime Cart. Kindle Store Go Search Hello Select your ...

Henry Lawson, voice of a nation, larrikin, likely wife beater

Henry Lawson was a literary legend and, for many, the epitome of Australian larrikinism. The author of much-loved works including The Drovers Wife and Faces in the Street has been called the voice ...

Henry Lawson Facts -

Henry Lawson (1867-1922) was an Australian poet and short-story writer. His many stories typify the nationalist period in Australian writing. Henry Lawson was born near the gold-mining center of Grenfell, New South Wales, on June 17, 1867, the son of Peter Hertzberg Larsen; the family adopted the name Lawson when the birth was registered.

Henry Lawson, Georgia (29 matches): Phone Number, Email ...

Henry Lawson in Georgia. Find Henry Lawson's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records.

The Drover’s Wife Summary | GradeSaver

The Drover’s Wife essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Drover’s Wife by Henry Lawson. The Concept of Distinctively Visual Explored Through Henry Lawson's 'In A Dry Season' and Sean Tan's 'The Rabbits' Language as a Way to Contrast Life in Cities and the ...

Results Page 2 About Henry Lawson The Drovers Wife Free Essays

Henry Lawson. In the short story “The Drover’s Wife,” Henry Lawson acknowledges the hardships of Australian women whose bravery and perseverance is unfairly overlooked. It is often the men who receive all the glory while the women suffer silently in the background.

Henry Lawson

While the Billy Boils, 1896, (Sammlung von Erzählungen, u.a. mit The Drover's Wife) Ehrungen. Briefmarke (1949) Am 17. Juni 1949 gab die australische Post eine Briefmarke zu Ehren von Henry Lawson zu 2½ d heraus. Literatur. Manning Clark: Henry Lawson. The man and the legend. Melbourne University Press, Melbourne 1995 (= 1978) ISBN 0-522-84695-5; Adele Fuchs: Henry Lawson. Ein australischer ...

Waratah And Wattle Poem by Henry Lawson - Poem Hunter

While the blue sky is arching above; The stranger should never have need to be told, That the Wattle-bloom means that her heart is of gold. And the Waratah's red with her love. Australia! Australia! most beautiful name, Most kindly and bountiful land; I would die every death that might save her from shame, If a black cloud should rise on the stand; But whatever the quarrel, whoever her foes ...

Henry Lawson - Reading Australia

Henry Lawson was born at Grenfell, New South Wales, in 1867. He was educated briefly at several schools, but was sometimes kept home by his father to help with his carpentry. At the age of nine Lawson experienced problems with his ears and suffered partial deafness for the rest of his life. Lawson worked for his father until 1883 when he joined his mother, Louisa, in Sydney. He worked as a ...

Results Page 3 About Henry Lawson The Drovers Wife Free Essays

 Henry Lawson (1867-1922) I. Summary of the story The drover was away with sheep, so his wife, four children and a dog, Alligator, were left at their isolated wooden house in the bush, alone. One day, one of the children saw a snake while playing around the house. He shouted and called out to his mother. Both mother and the eldest son, Tommy, tried to hit the snake. The dog too tried to ...

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Henry Lawson in Texas. Find Henry Lawson's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading people search directory for contact information and public records.

Henry Lawson Birthplace - Grenfell Tourism

These plaques explain the circumstances of Lawson life and celebrate his many achievements while acknowledging the challenges he experienced. Each plaques has a different theme and tells the story of Henry Lawson’s life from its beginning in Grenfell in 1867, to his passing in 1922. Garden beds at the site feature endemic species cultivated specially by the local Weddin Community Native ...

While the Billy Boils by Henry Lawson - Free Ebook

Lawson, Henry, 1867-1922: Title: While the Billy Boils Contents: An old mate of your father's -- Settling on the land -- Enter Mitchell -- Stiffner and Jim -- When the sun went down -- The man who forgot -- Hungerford -- A camp-fire yarn -- His country, after all -- A day on a selection -- That there dog o'mine -- Going blind -- Arvie Aspinall's alarm clock -- Stragglers -- The Union buries ...

Henry Lawson -

Henry Archibald Lawson (* 17.Juni 1867 in den Goldfeldern von Grenfell, New South Wales; † 2. September 1922 in Sydney) war ein australischer Autor und Poet.. Leben. Lawson war der Sohn eines norwegischen Matrosen, der nach Australien einwanderte, um Gold zu suchen. Seine Mutter Louisa Lawson war eine prominente Vorkämpferin für das Frauenwahlrecht und Besitzerin und Herausgeberin des ...

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Sehen Sie sich die Profile von Fach- und Führungskräften namens „Henry Lawson“ auf LinkedIn an. Es gibt 60+ Personen namens „Henry Lawson“, die LinkedIn zum Austausch von Informationen, Ideen und Karrierechancen nutzen.

Henry Lawson Books | List of books by author Henry Lawson

While the Billy Boils. Henry Lawson $6.39 - $52.91. In the Days When the World Was Wide, and Other Verses. Henry Lawson $13.36 - $31.25. Henry Lawson: Favourite Poems Illustrated with Australian Landscape Paintings. Henry Lawson $4.19. Humorous Stories of Henry Lawson. Henry Lawson $5.99. The Poems of Henry Lawson Volume Two . Henry Lawson $4.19 - $6.59. Henry Lawson (Portable Australian ...

Know who you're Googling: Henry Lawson - The Big Smoke

Henry Lawson died of a cerebral haemorrhage on September 2, 1922. He was given a state funeral, this bush raconteur. Of course, Lawson wasn’t the only person who wrote about the Australian bush; Banjo Paterson, Steele Rudd, Barbara Baynton and others were also doing it, but Lawson’s stories resonated with readers and helped build a sense of an “Australian identity”. Many of his ...

Henry Lawson — Wikipédia

Henry Lawson, poète et écrivain australien est souvent considéré comme le plus grand auteur de textes courts de l'histoire de l'Australie.Comme son contemporain Banjo Paterson, il était correspondant du magazine The Bulletin, et compte parmi les écrivains de fiction australiens les plus connus de la période coloniale.

Henry Lawson - Wikipedia, entziklopedia askea.

Henry Archibald Hertzberg Lawson (Grenfell goldfields, Hegoaldeko Gales Berria, 1867ko ekainaren 17a – Sydney, 1922ko irailaren 2a) australiar idazlea izan zen. Henry Lawsoren estatua, Sydney. Lanak. Short Stories in Prose and Verse (1894) - ipuinak, prosa, poesia; While the Billy Boils (1896) - ipuinak; In the Days When the World was Wide and Other Verses (1896) - poesia; Verses, Popular ...

Hungerford [short story by Henry Lawson]

Henry Lawson, While the Billy Boils, Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1896, pages 40-44. Editor’s notes: Bananaland = Queenslanders, so-named as a lot of bananas are grown in that state, being located in the tropical north of Australia. humpy = an Aboriginal shelter, made from tree branches, bark, and leaves; also known as a “wurly” (which is also spelt as “wurley” or “wurlie ...

Henry Lawson – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Życiorys. Ojcem Henry’ego Lawsona był urodzony w Norwegii Niels (Peter) Hertzberg Larsen, który w 1855 roku, po wielu podróżach, przybył do Melbourne, gdzie trwała gorączka złota.W Australii spotkał Luisę Albury, którą poślubił 7 lipca 1866 w Mudgee.Miał wówczas 32 lata, podczas gdy jego żona 18. Ich nazwisko uległo anglicyzacji i zostało przekształcone na Lawson.

Russell M. Lawson Apostle of the East

Jessica Lawson Under the Bottle Bridge (Unabridged)

W.B. Lawson Jesse James, the Outlaw

Chappell Lawson Building the Fourth Estate

William Shakespeare Henry VI, Part I

The beginning of Shakespeare's 'First Tetralogy,' which includes two other plays about King Henry VI and one on Richard III, it is so named because it was written in 1588, among some of the Bard's earliest works. This first history play in the cycle commences just after the death of Henry V, when England is at war with France. Across the Channel, Sir John Talbot battles Joan of Arc, or 'La Pucelle,' while the dissention that leads to the War of the Roses begins in England. Full of political and military machinations, «Henry VI, Part I» provides a solid introduction to this king's reign, as well as a segue to the remainder of his rule as depicted by Shakespeare's sequential plays.

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Teachers Book. Книга для учителя

"Clippety, clop! Clippety, clop!" The three Billy Goats Gruff are going across the bridge. But there is an ugly troll under the bridge. He wants to eat them! What will happen? The Three Billy Goats Gruff told in rhyme and with accompanying songs, will delight and entertain all young learners of English. A picture dictionary provides the key words of the story. In the Teacher's edition, the teacher will find the stage directions for an end-of-the-year performance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Davidson Zanna Billy and the Mini Monsters at the Seaside

Billy and his family are off to the seaside. The MINI MONSTERS are very excited to be going too. Soon they're building sandcastles and enjoying their picnic. It's all going so well until Trumpet is STOLEN by a seagull! How is Billy ever going to get him back? An exciting addition to Young Reading Series Two, for readers growing in confidence.

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William Shakespeare Henry V (Henry the Fifth)

William Shakespeare's «Henry V» is the historical English drama of its title character. King Henry V ascends to the throne of England following the death of his father at the beginning of the play. The King soon makes a claim to parts of France based on some distant ancestral ties. When Dauphin, prince of France responds insultingly to Henry's claim, King Henry V orders England to invade France and the two nations soon find themselves at war.

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Roger Higgins Billy Gogan, American

The Billy Gogan story is a fictional memoir told by an old Army general of his adventures as a young man. Billy Gogan, American, opens with recently orphaned Billy Gogan fleeing Ireland on the eve of the Great Hunger — either because he is the son of a dangerous revolutionary, or because his cousin doesn't trust him around his daughter. Billy befriends a destitute Irish peasant named Máire and her young daughter Fíona, and together they endure a harsh passage to New York, America's greatest city. They get separated as they debark, and Billy searches tirelessly for them in the dangerous Five Points, ground zero in the collision of Americans, ex-slaves, and Irish refugees.Here, Billy completes his education. Already able to declaim Cicero and construe Aristotle, he learns voting fraud from Bill Tweed, the future head of Tammany Hall, and the numbers game from Charlie Backwell, Tammany's top bookie. Finally, Brannagh O’Marran, the beautiful mulatta daughter of the Irish madam of Gotham’s finest brothel, teaches him about love.Billy eventually finds Máire and Fíona, and the three of them plan their future together. But that future is taken in a cruel stroke, and nothing will ever be the same.

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Генри Джеймс The Golden Bowl

Henry James's 1904 novel «The Golden Bowl» is the story of Prince Amerigo, an impoverished but charismatic Italian nobleman who travels to London to marry Maggie Verver, only child of the wealthy American financier and art collector, Adam Verver. While in London, Prince Amerigo meets his former mistress, Charlotte Stant, and the two are soon engaged in an adulterous affair. Considered by some to be the last work of Henry James's «major phase», «The Golden Bowl» is a complex examination of marriage and adultery.

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